Align IT with your business

EDStone Solutions Sdn Bhd is a leading specialist in the world of Information Technology and consultancy services. We offer dynamic services and we are committed to providing comprehensive solutions to FMCG industries businesses and focused strategic consulting services to enterprise businesses. As an ICT services focused company, we provide end-to-end solutions and needs-driven consultation. In short, we help organizations align their business requirements with IT.


We manage IT so you don't have to

We offer a wide range of services from solution development, consultation services down to IT business support. By doing so, client can focus on expanding their business without the worries outdated IT solution which no longer capable to supper their new business logic and ideas.


We are partners and not contractor

We believe in partners concept instead of contractor. We treat your IT as important as if it is our owns. We always design, suggest, develop all the IT solution from client stand point and to ensure maximum benefit gained for client.


On time, In budget

When we committed, we mean it. For every services, we are always transparent to client on what effort required and client will know exactly what to be deliver at the end of the project/services.